Grades Pre-K through 4th

At Christian Brothers School, strong academics have always been at the heart of a quality education. A high-quality curriculum begins with the educator who considers that her/his place in the school is a vocation; as such, administrators, faculty, and staff deliver instruction in a deliberate, yet caring manner. The path to Truth is infused with knowledge!

Our standards of education are based on a grade accelerated curriculum. Beginning in the latter half of the PreK-4 year, our teachers gradually introduce concepts that are more in line with a Kindergarten classroom. Thus, in Kindergarten, young women and men will be introduced to 1st grade concepts, etc. Given that the program is accelerated, it is natural to anticipate some days that may be a challenge. Our qualified, competent staff is understanding of the gravity of the task with which they have been entrusted, yet they are nurturing and relational with each student – a key component of success in the classroom.

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