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The tradition of providing an outstanding and unique educational experience is challenged each year by rising costs to operate the school. The Christian Brothers Foundation events and the Christian Brothers School Annual Fund are at the core of our development effort. These initiatives, along with other giving opportunities, create community and cover the shortfall between the full cost to educate our students and the tuition charged to families. All alumni, parents (current and past), and friends are invited to invest in the work being done at Christian Brothers School to continue the mission of our founder, St. John Baptist de la Salle. Every donation, no matter the amount, makes a difference in our quest to sustain educational excellence, strengthens our faith-filled community, and is most sincerely appreciated. Below are the many giving options at Christian Brothers School.

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The President's Society

The President's Society is comprised of lead investors committed to the future of Christian Brothers School. Membership is open to all individuals, families, or organizations that donate at a leadership level to Christian Brothers. Each year the school will count on leadership gifts to provide the backbone for program enhancements in the areas of technology, faculty enrichment, and student activities. Members of the President’s Society will be invited to a private reception hosted by the Board of Trustees in recognition of their leadership and generosity. CBS is very grateful to you and all who choose to support our mission by making Christian Brothers School a charitable priority in life. Your generosity in the form of a gift to The Falcon Fund remains a vote of confidence in our efforts to provide the very best in Catholic education and to enhance student life and activities at Christian Brothers School.

A gift that qualifies for a leadership level are as follows:
• Donation of $1000 or more to the CBS Annual Falcon Fund.
• Donation of $1000 or more to the Christian Brothers Foundation exclusive of event packages.
• Purchase of a $6000 or $10,000 event package through the Christian Brothers Foundation.
• Donation of $1000 or more to the Brother Edward ScanlanEndowment.
• Donation of $2500 or more to a Christian Brothers Foundation/School event.

The Falcon Fund is a vital initiative aimed at fostering excellence and providing invaluable resources for students. Every child deserves a well-rounded education, and with your support, CBS can continue to create an enriching and inspiring environment for students to thrive. By contributing to the Falcon Fund, you become an essential part of our community, joining parents, alumni, faculty, and friends who are dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders. Your generosity directly impacts the students' educational experiences and opens doors to opportunities that shape their future.

For more information, please contact Kyle Scaffidi at (504) 508-6262 or

The Christian Brothers Foundation is dedicated to three main purposes:

  • an annual donation to Christian Brothers School to assist in the operations of the school,
  • planning and coordination of school and community events, and
  • ongoing support to the Brothers of the local CBS Community.

The primary source of revenue for the CBF is through sponsorship of events and the purchase of event packages. Your participation in these events will help support the CBS and, in turn, the Brothers of CBS and Christian Brothers School. Refer to the Foundation page for more information.

Contact Carol Couvillion at (504) 486-6770 or if you have any questions.

The Brother Edward Scanlan Endowment is established to offset the rising cost of tuition and, ultimately, sustain Christian Brothers School in the future as a viable, affordable choice for Lasallian Catholic education in the Greater New Orleans area. As such, it is the goal of the endowment to fund approximately $400,000 in annual financial assistance to families in need. That amount is currently a line item expense in the budget funded by general tuition. Removing that line item expense reduces the cost of tuition to all while continuing to support those families especially in need.

For more information, please contact Kyle Scaffidi at (504) 508-6262 or

The Lasallian Legacy Society is the planned giving society of CBS. This
Society offers numerous benefits for schools and their educational programs. Firstly, it provides a stable and long-term source of funding. Parents, alumni, and community members who include the school in their estate plan, ensure ongoing financial support for various initiatives, such as curriculum enhancements, extracurricular activities, and scholarships. This consistent funding allows the school to plan ahead, implement innovative educational programs, and provide exceptional learning experiences for its students.

When you make a planned gift to your alma mater or your child's school, you will continue a deep and meaningful relationship with Christian Brothers even beyond your years. Moreover, planned giving can serve as a means of honoring legacies. Help establish a memorial scholarship or create named endowments, leaving a lasting impact that reflects Lasallian values and commitment to education.

Overall, by embracing planned giving, CBS can secure financial stability, foster stronger connections with the community, and provide enhanced educational opportunities for generations to come.

For more information on planned giving, please contact Kyle Scaffidi at (504) 508-6262 or

Individuals, families, and businesses have the opportunity to provide multi-year donations to support students in need or to enhance the educational experience at Christian Brothers School.

Some remember it as Brother Raphael's room, some Brother Gregory's, and others Mr. Joubert's. Lasalle Hall is the space that bridges the history of the McFadden Mansion with the state-of-the-art Cultural Center and the Saint John Baptist de la Salle Courtyard. It is a space that honors the rich heritage of the Brothers and students of days gone by while additionally highlighting the accomplishments of the current student body in a seamless, transitional style, mirroring the simple yet rich detail of both buildings. Tiles engraved with family and/or students' names adorn the floor of this awesome space.

The Memory Walk is the pathway connecting the front driveway to the courts at the rear of the school along the pond side of the school. Many parents honor their graduates with a brick including their name and graduation year to commemorate their time at CBS.

Contact Carol Couvillion at (504) 486-6770 or to inquire further or to purchase a tile in Lasalle Hall or a brick along the Memory Walk.

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