The school is under the sole governance of the Brothers of the Christian Schools but operates within the context of a dual charism – that of the Dominican Sisters and of the Christian Brothers.  To that end, one Lasallian board of trustees and one president oversees both campuses with administrative leaders in place on each campus. 

Yes.  Each campus offers a rigorous, grade level accelerated curriculum.  The elementary program is likened to that of the existing middle school program in City Park.  The elementary school offers a curriculum designed to prepare students for a challenging middle school experience so that they may be prepared for a similarly rigorous high school experience.  In addition, the girls middle school also offers a curriculum designed to prepare students for a rigorous high school experience

It is necessary for an applicant on either campus to qualify for admission via an academic screening and selection process.  The objective of the screening process is to ensure that the incoming student is academically capable of the rigor of a grade level accelerated program.  Applicants for Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd Grade must participate in a face-to-face screening for cognitive potential.  Applicants for 3rd Grade through 7th Grade must take a written admissions test and provide a record of achievement at lower grade levels.

The application process for the all-boys middle school in City Park remains the same.   Similar protocol is in place for girls applying for admission to 5th grade in the all-girls program for the first time as well. 

Please go here for more information.

No.  The student will automatically be admitted to the middle school (boys in City Park and girls at Canal Street).   He/She will not need to take another test since he/she will have already been screened for admission prior to enrollment in the elementary school.  As long as a student is successful in the CBS program, he/she is eligible to remain in the program and advance to the next grade level.

Yes.  However, fewer spots will be available once fourth grade boys and girls successfully completing the program at the Canal Street campus rise to the middle school.  In fact, this is the objective of the Archdiocesan strategic plan – to minimize the number of transfers from one school to another, particularly in the middle grades.  Consequently, there will still be spots available for new students, but fewer of them.

The admissions process is competitive simply because the number of applicants far exceeds the number of available spaces. As a result, an admissions committee will review an applicant's report cards, standardized test scores, conduct grades, attendance record, admission test scores and responses entered on the student application. The most qualified applicants will be invited to attend Christian Brothers School. Some applicants who are quality applicants but are simply outscored by other applicants will be entered into a waiting pool. If an invited applicant declines his invitation to attend CBS, then an applicant from the waiting pool will be invited to attend.

Applicants are notified via the mail during the week designated by the Office of Catholic Schools as "new student registration week" throughout the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Students who are not initially invited to attend CBS but are quality candidates will be entered into the waiting pool. It is not a list. It is a pool. That is, the members are not ranked. When (If) a spot becomes available, the admissions committee will review the applications of those applicants still remaining in the waiting pool and invite the most qualified at that time. The waiting pool tends to change throughout the year as members withdraw for various reasons, have a change of plans or decline a subsequent invitation. It is precisely for these reasons (frequent changes), that the members of the waiting pool are not ranked and placed on some sort of priority list.

Siblings, children of alumni and students rising from the Canal Street Pre-K (2 and 3) programs are special to the CBS family. As a result, their applications are given additional consideration. However, as a matter of fairness to all applicants, these applicants are not guaranteed admission to CBS.

Because Christian Brothers is one school with two campuses, the tuition rates are comparable.  For specific information, please go here.

Joey Scaffidi - President

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