iPad Expectations


Christian Brothers School has been in the forefront of integrating technology into the classroom.  The Bring Your Own iPad effort in our middle school classrooms continues to evolve, as students and teachers learn new ways of being creative and collaborative through the use of the iPad.

The iPad is considered an integral part of the CBS experience.  It is one of many tools used by today's student in an ever-changing atmosphere of technology.



Some suggestions for parents:

  • Set specific time limits for iPad usage outside of homework time.
  • Expect your child to schedule his or her homework time, so he or she set goals for accomplishing his or her tasks on a timely basis.
  • Do not allow the iPad to make its way into your child's bedroom.  With this always connected to the Internet technology, there are too many temptations.


Student Expectations

  • iPad are flat at all times
  • "Apples up!" means screens down immediately.
  • With your parents' permission, you may have games on the iPad you use, but don't play them at school, unless you want a detention.
  • Come to school with your iPad fully charged.
  • In case you didn't know, the iPad you use belongs to your parents, not you.
  • You read and signed an Acceptable Use of Technology and Student Pledge before school started.
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